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Folded & Hung Brings a “Topless” Angel June 26, 2008

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Angel Locsin - Topless for Folder & Hung

As if planting a giant billboard in the center of the Manila (Philippines) isn’t enough, Folded & Hung, a designer clothes company added a little spice to their endorsement poster by choosing one of the sexiest women Angel Locsin to pose “topless”, showing the Filipinos what good advertisement is all about.

As expected in a conservatively Catholic country, a lot of people had their concerns with what the poster might impose to the public. But, F&H implied stating: “everything that the poster showed was about fashion, it’s classy and its creative… and besides, only her back was seen in the billboard and nothing that goes over the limit”.

Angel Locsin now joins the Maja Salvador (white and black themed), and Claudine Barreto (red themed) as celebrity endorsers for Folded & Hung.

Maja Salvador - Folder & Hung

Claudine Barreto - Folder & Hung

What can I say? F&H does know how to choose their models.

3 Critical:

  1. When less is More – there are certain times when less is more. In endorsing clothes and making eye catching billboards, this definitely would apply.
  2. Creativity in The Name – a part of making a good brand, is choosing a catchy name that relates well with the product. Folded & Hung pretty much explains this idea.
  3. The Wave – I don’t no if you’ve noticed this. The models they choose originally had straight hairs, which they made wavy. Does it make them more attractive and flashy? I guess they do.


1. Ma. Anita D. Tan - July 15, 2008


We would like to bring to your attention your Billboard Ad along Edsa with Ms.Angel Locsin as your model. We find it repulsive to advertise a model half naked when ironically, what you’re selling are clothes.

We happen to like your clothes because we find it classy and trendy though a bit pricey. In the standards of elegance and style, decency cannot and should not be compromised. This is the reason why it doesn’t make sense to us that you’re advertising partial nudity.
Your past billboard advertisements with various TV personalities are decent yet upbeat and elegant. It is only your new advertisement with Ms. Angel as your model that we saw that totally turned us off. What makes it repelling is that it corrupts the mind especially of the young. And your billboard is being seen by people of all ages. Children may think that it’s ok when it’s not ok. We certainly hope that this will reach Angel as well because we used to like her when she used to be wholesome and modest.

We’re hoping that you will always keep up with the standards of decency and morality in your Ads and not just go with the current fashion/trend which is already deteriorating morally.

In view of this, we would appreciate if you will act accordingly to the best of the people’s interest in the area of a more welcoming and honorable advertisement for public viewing bearing in mind the moral responsibility that goes with any promotion or publication.

Thank you.


Original signed

6/F Annex Bldg.
Metrobank Plaza
Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
Makati City

2. redd - July 17, 2008

as they say, it is not what you see but how you see it. KUDOS to F&H and kudos to A.L – i’v gained more respect for her after seeing that ad.

3. fashionista - July 22, 2008

the billboard looks good! it;s like ur in the hollywood billboard…darn about our country alot of people got preggy,drugs,corruption and etc they cares about our religion? i don’t think so?! so, who cares about the billboard it looks amazing and well done.

4. everydayman - July 22, 2008

I have to agree with you man.. not because I need to, but because I really believe it’s amazing.

They all talk about getting ready for changes, yet they themselves are not showing it. C’mon, why can’t they just appreciate the thing right?

5. honey - July 27, 2008

u guys are just over reacting.. is it because u are 1 of angel’s critics?

6. ley - July 31, 2008

go,go,go my sexy idol angel! ur definitely d best! u’ve said it all with that edsa billboard! right choice F&H! kudos! =)

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