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Hayden Panettiere – Hero or Villain? June 25, 2008

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Bad Hayden

When I saw the future version of Hiro Nakumura (with a bad boy look) on season one of heroes, I thought it would also be a good idea if someone else could have that look. That bad (but everything cool) look that gives a different view of how their characters are. And that someone else I was hoping to see with that sort of transformation is  the pretty and sexy cheerleader Hayden Panettiere (Claire).

And just when I thought the hit TV series  Heroes couldn’t surprise me anymore, some spoiler photos of pretty Claire Bennet wearing all black, with her hair pretty tied up, and surprisingly is holding a gun with an intention to shoot was all around the internet. This scene is said to be a part of the first episode of season 3 (which will be aired sometime this September). Now this is interesting.

Hayden holding a gun

I used to wish she would always wear those cheerleader clothes that perfectly matched her entire beauty, but now, I have to say this is something worth waiting for.

Heroes fans, prepare yourselves. Coz the cheerleader will save the world.

With a Glock 17 I guess.

3 Critical:

  1. Hero or Villain? – with all the twists and unpredictables in the movie, who knows?
  2. Transformation- I told myself she could play bad as well as she could play that “daddy’s good girl” role she always play, and now I’m gonna be proven right.
  3. Thanks TIm Kring – whatever plans you have for Claire is ok for me. And lot’s of thanks for making her wear black. She’s just sexy in black.


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