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“Sexy Momma” – The Definition June 23, 2008

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Pregnanat Jessica Alba

Now this is a Sexy Mom.

When everyone says “Sexy Momma”, they almost always imply to mothers who are still in competition with other younger girls in the sexy part of the world, wearing clothes that they do instead of the usual mom clothes, and dating guys younger than them… not because they wanted to, but because these guys still them as attractive as the younger ones.

But if you ask me, Sexy Momma means those pregnant women still flashingly beautiful and sexy even without a lot of skin shown, and even with those baby bumps just like Jessica Alba. Just look at her and even if she’s a bit bigger, and less showy than the bikini girl that she is in many movies, she is still that sexy girl with her sexy smile, and that is every inch what a sexy thing (momma or not) is to me.

Good thing I saw this picture first before that preggy bikini pic she had in her pool. But anyway, you’re still number one for me J.A.

3 Critical:

  1. Is She Not? – not everyone like sexy momma’s… but just one question. Is she not?
  2. The Name – Jessica Alba usually means beauty and sexy to me.. now it means beauty, sexy, and preggy.
  3. Back To Form – after her pregnancy, will she be back to her form? Something for me to be excited with. But a couple of pounds won’t bother me for sure.  


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