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To-Do Tattoo – What Every Dad (or Everybody) Needs June 20, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology, Weird & Unexplained.
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It’s an ordinary day, and you find yourself suddenly entering the grocery (as your wife instructed) store as the security guard and the employees greet you with a warm welcome, and a “Happy Shopping” line…. Then as you make your way to getting a cart, you suddenly realized that you forgot the list of things to buy, or worst, the list you wrote in your hands (with a normal pen) were gone and you can only remember one thing, and that’s your favorite evening snack. Big trouble right?

Wrong! Coz now you have the “Amazing” ToDo Tattoo.

It actually is like that normal pen you usually use to write those “to-do” things. except that it’s ink is similar to those used as temporary tattoo’s which basically lasts longer than the ordinary in used in pens. This way, you don’t get to worry about forgetting the list, coz you can write it all in your hands…. or anywhere else, and it won’t fade easily. You can even make drawings for the items you don’t really know about, but that won’t be recommended.

This is what you call Amazing.

3 Critical:

  1. Forgetful Genius – who ever made this, is a genius… and someone who has a bad memory I guess.
  2. Every Dads Dream – now you won’t worry about going home.
  3. Don’t Crash Out – for practical means, I would suggest not crashing out those items that yu already bought using that pen, it wastes the ink and it makes your hand look like a math exam.


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