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Soccer is a “Sexy” Sport June 19, 2008

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Naked Soccer Playing Girls

The Germans do know how to have fun under the sun, and as boring as many people would think the game of “Soccer” (because of low scores), I’m pretty sure they’ll have to change their minds about this.

If you just have you’re some kind of a blurred vision type of person, you might think this is just an ordinary game of soccer played by sexy girls wearing very fit uniforms that emphasize their body. You’re actually right, but if you click on that photo and see the larger version of that image, you just might think it’s better than what you used to think it is.


OK, let me say it in simple words. These German girls are wearing nothing but “thongs”, and aside from that all you see is body-painted jerseys and mini-shorts just to make it a lot more playing than stripping. And I’m sure no one cares what the scores are in these games. It’s even better if it stays at 0-0, coz the games extends.

Sexy huh? Wait till you see these games in the Olympics soon.

3 Critical:

  1. Not Beckham – whenever people hear the words sexy and soccer, they always think of the Beck. but not this time girls.
  2. The Referee – I’m pretty sure the body painted sexy referee would look twice as cools as these babes.
  3. Just 4 Words – Ole!!!! Ole!!!! Ole!!!! Ole!!!!


1. AlisterComputeron - June 21, 2008

Ole! Ole! indeed. I may have to move to Germany.

2. everydayman - June 21, 2008

See you on the flight man. And I hope it rains.

3. Shamal - February 26, 2009

Hi !

This is the greatest picture I see and want to meet one or more of you when I come to Germany in Apr-09 And I need your response very soon.


C0Y - February 26, 2009

Haha. thanks there. One of the best photos I’ve seen too.

4. mohamed - April 19, 2009


5. mohamed - April 19, 2009


6. mlpapi - June 19, 2009

damm thats all i gotto say!!

7. sds - July 11, 2009

can i have ur email

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