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Not Just The Time…. June 18, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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GPS Watch

Ever wondered how those secret agents (in the movies) always seem to find the the getaway vehicles even if they have an lengthy head start? This photo just might be the answer.

Look what I found somewhere in the internet, a GPS (Global Positioning System) Watch. This watch is like any GPS vehicle tracking. But it’s portably handy and secret agent-recommended if you ask me. It basically determine a vehicles precise location, number of people inside, and other assets recorded regularly by intervals for information purposes.

Using GPS fleet tracking devices definitely made lives easier for a lot of people, specially those who are pretty cost efficient and wanted to monitor their vehicles without needing to call their drivers (or husband/wife) on a regular basis. They say “it’s always better to know relevant information on time”, and this is one of the best things about GPS systems, they actually transmit information in just about 80-90 seconds making it almost as if you were physically there to monitor your vehicles. So if it’s effective and efficient vehicle tracking you want, then a GPS system is what you need.

Good thing they come with fashion these days.

3 Critical:

  1. No Cheating – these things definitely don’t give much room for cheating locations.
  2. In Your Hands – What’s the time? Where’s my car? How many are inside? Where did it go the past few minutes? The answers are all in your hands.
  3. Highly Useful – with these gadgets, you can monitor and observe your vehicle, and find better ways of maximizing productivity while you save costs. And useful in cases of stolen vehicles too.



1. avyaya - June 18, 2008

Hi Bro, Wassup?

Looks like 3Critical has shifted from Movie Reviews to One and All!!!Good.

Take care.

2. everydayman - June 18, 2008

Good things are up bro… How bout you?

Yeah, I kinda like the idea of having everything in my blog. It pretty much describes the kind of person I am.

Thanks again.

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