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Joey Mead Shows Of Her Independence Day Suit June 18, 2008

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Joey Mead Wears Independence Suit

Here’s something that’s been controversial this week in the Philippines.

In a very catholic country, being naked is alone such a bad thing, having the country’s flag body painted in a sexy way is something not everyone would agree with.

This is what made this Australian-Filipina Joey Mead (a former VJ in channels V) a girl talked about these past few days. A lot of people actually thought she was gone, coz she has been out of the limelight for quite some time, but obviously not anymore as she poses “almost” nude (if you count body paint as a pair of clothes) in the “State Of The Nation” issue ofRogue Magazine for the month of June.

According to some rumors, when the editor was asked about the issue, he stated his awareness of knowing that such a symbol ( like the flag) should not be worn specially when associated with sexiness as it gives a negative image to the country, but he also strongly pointed out that it didn’t, in any way, say the Flag was not to be body painted.

Joey Mead - Philippine Flag Panty

So he’s saying that wearing it is not OK, but painting it in a body (is it wearing paint?) is just fine. Maybe some would appreciate (it’s art and it’s sexy anyway), but in a Catholicly conservative country like the Philippines, I guess that’s a big No! No!.

3 Critical:

  1. Philippine Panty? – painting a country’s symbol as an underwear maybe too far for some people. But I’m sure a lot would stand when they see it. Like a flag ceremony.
  2. Why Joey – I’m gonna be honest here. I’m really not against this thing. I see the art of it, and I really appreciate art so it’s really cool for me. But why Joey? I’d rather have a pure Filipina wearing it instead. Like Roxanne Guinoo, or Marian Rivera. But this is just me ok.
  3. C’mon.. It’s Sexy! – Is there any Pinoy out there whose saying the contrary? Just look at it this way. She’s proud of the Flag and she’s not afraid to show it, when a lot of us are not.


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