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Is George Clooney still Choosy ? June 17, 2008

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The Sarah Larson

When Brad left Jennifer for Angelina, I understood why. When Tom left Nicole for Katie, a part of me says it’s not a good choice. But when George Clooney left Sarah Larson, for whatever reasons there may be, I was confused.

Rumors of her being dumped by Clooney because he doesn’t want those extra boobs that she always wanted, (which was modelled from Gisele Bundchen‘s pairs) was flowing over the internet, while contradictions arouse of Clooney being supportive (I wonder why) with it and even paying for it, also went through the scene of rumors.

But the more logical rumor was that Clooney, after hearing that Sarah went to see an Ex-Boyfriend in Vegas, asked her out (or move out) of their home in L.A. IT didn’t actually say anything about cheating, but somehow it implies that GCloon was just making sure. Or is it.

I’ve also read somewhere that it was just G-Cloon‘s way of excusing himself from being labelled as the guy who dated not the brightest bulb as they it.

Is it true? I’d have to say she’s really really beautiful.

3 Critical:

  1. Paid For It – rumors says G-Cloon didn’t only pay for her boobs, but just before they broke up, he also paid $12,000 for her teeth (not tits). Rumor?
  2. A Bright One – assuming that she pulled this off (her beauty and fame) using Clooney, why would you say she wasn’t a bright one. Just a thought.
  3. Choosy Clooney – we all know he got every right to choose, and we all know there are still a lot of girls out there who wants this back-to-bachelor guy, but is he really choosy?



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