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Good Advertising …. June 16, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Business & Economy, Funny.
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Pixel Dog

Meister Camera surely does know what good advertising is all about… Bringing the message right as you see it. (with creativity of course)

Just like this one above. Look closely at the dog figure, and let me just say that your eyes aren’t playing any tricks for you here. It may seem like it was an not-fully-loaded image where the dog seems pixelized, but instead it’s something that is made to look pixelized. Clever huh?

Then there goes the message “See it more in details”, obviously referring to how clear these Meister Cameras can get in a way that seems to grab everyone’s attention, while bothering them with their doubt of clear vision, that is, which makes it more appealing and more noticeable top the public. (Or market)

Now this is good advertising.

My hands are definitely down to whoever conceptualized this idea.

3 Critical:

  1. WOW – a word, a noun, an adjective, and pretty much what I can say to summarize this whole thing.
  2. Made Of Lego – look closely and you might agree when I say this thing looks like it’s made from lego’s. It is.
  3. Creativity At It’s Best – marketing staffs out there might need to look at this one, and maybe you can get a lot of ideas on how simple mind (or vision) playing advertising ads could get your product the desired attention. And more.



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