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Lakers Lost at Home – 13th Friday Bad Luck June 13, 2008

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The Lakers lost Game 4 at home

An unfamiliar scene in LA’s Staples Center.

For a team that was unbeaten at home in the 2008 NBA playoffs, loosing for the first time was a bad thing. Loosing at home was twice as bad. And loosing after having a huge double digit lead is the worst that could happen specially in the NBA Finals as the Boston Celtics rallied from a huge deficit (24 pts) and beat the Los Angeles Lakers 97-91 on a Friday the 13th (in the Philippines and some areas as well).

Now the Celtics lead the series 3-1, and in the finals that’s a very very good thing (if you’re Boston that is), and my Lakers are behind with just one game left at home. They said “No NBA team has ever recovered from a 3-1 deficit in the finals”. True indeed, but no team has also ever overcome more than a 15-point deficit after the first quarter, until the Celtics did it, so everything is practically possible right now if you look at it clearly right?

Kobe and the crew will be back the next game, and trust me, you don’t want to be against them when they’re fighting for their chances of capturing the crown once again. they may be down  3-1, but that won’t change a thing….. they will still win the Finals. (wanna bet?)

This is The Lakers baby….

3 Critical:

  1. The 13th – I don’t personally think they’re superstitious, but bad lucks to happen. And we can’t change the fact that it happened on a Friday the 13th (in some areas)
  2. 3-1, Who Cares? – we all know history has been broken a lot of times this year… this won’t be any different.
  3. How bout a bet ? – who wants to bet? I’ll go for the Lakers on game 5 of the finals for $2 (paypal). 


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