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In the proper places… June 10, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Health, Weird & Unexplained.
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Towel Hanger

There are proper places where a towel should be placed after being used, and there are improper ones too. Towels in Towel hangers (obviously) are proper, while towels inside the body is way beyond normal. Unfortunately, for a girl named Bonnie Valle, she was able to live the last seven years of her life with a towel (the size of a face towel) just right behind her left lung. The towel was discovered when an autopsy was performed days after her death, and it was believed to have been left there since 1995, during a emphysema surgery back in 1995.

Valle has been complaining of chest pains, saying she felt there was something inside her body pressing against her lungs seven years after her surgery. This is something no one should experience, but since the woman suffered no ill health effects from the towel, the judge dismissed the claims, and the doctor was never made accounted for.

So much for fair justice right. So sad.

The next time you work with somebody’s life, make sure you understand that these lives depend on you. Towels are for cleaning, but they are not to be placed inside the body.

Read more here.

3 Critical:

  1. Take Care Please – just because one’s days are numbered, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter any more. If life’s are in your hand, please take care.
  2. Justice is Where? – that is, in every angle, a form of malpractice but it won’t matter unless it is punished. They may be million dollar doctors, but justice is more than any millions. This, I really hope so.
  3. How? – I really wanna hear an explanation on why it was left there. It’s not that small not ot be visible, and those are professional at work. Wanna be trusted docs?.. Then Be trusted.



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