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Shoemoney.com June 9, 2008

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adsense check

If you can’t see this photo well enough, this is a check worth $ 132,994.97 (only) payable to Shoemoney.com, by none other than Google Inc.

So what is Shoemoney.com?

Shoemoney.com is a blog/site owned by Jeremy Schoemaker , a former appliance salesman turned programmer/blogger who turned his blog/site into one of the most user friendly marketing blog/site using simple (but totally creative) techniques to market products and attract a lot of companies. And a lot of their money as well.

But that’s not all.

What really impressed me the most is a small feature in his website called “T-Shirt Firday“.  In here,  companies send him shirts (for free) with logo’s or web addresses imprinted on it so that he can wear it, take a picture of himself wearing it, and post it in his blog while he makes reviews about the company.

Pure creativity right?

Now this is why his site got featured here.

3 Critical:

  1. Give and Take – they give, he takes… that simple. And the rest is money, money, money.
  2. XL Please – I’m just helping him a bit here. If you plan to send him those shirts, please make sure it’s size is XL. Trust me, he prefers it.
  3. The Best Things – he makes money and he gets shirts for free. The best things in life are truly free.



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