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Buying Gold and Silver June 7, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Business & Economy.
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Gold Apple

Everything that’s gold is precious, and everything that’s precious can be priced, and just like how this golden Apple laptop can be bought, we can also buy gold for ourselves.

Now why would we want that?

The answer is actually very simple. We all know for a fact that plain money (with all the changes due to inflation) can’t be preserved unlike gold, and this alone says it all. With your savings turned into gold, you could actually gain more interests, and that I believe is a pretty wise decision. When you buy gold, like buying stocks, you’re actually doing both investing, and earning. Now this is good.

So the next question would be where?

Companies like GoldMoney actually provide on-line services that allows you to buy gold (and silver), the fastest and safest way possible. First, the customers transfer funds (in exchange for gold) from their banks using secured line to the company’s database, then payments will be processed by the company’s database servers which stores currency and metal balances, then finally, the metals will be placed in an insured and secured vault. The contents will be audited, and reports will be sent to the customers annually.

Now that is easy right?

3 Critical:

  1. Something New – I never really thought something like “Gold” can be bought online. But now they can.
  2. Wise Investment – seeing how money grows in banks (which is not really growing that much), I guess this one is a better option if you really want growth in your investments.
  3. Gold Now Sold!!! – I used to think it will just be digged, but now we can actually buy some. I wonder how small a $100 gold would look like. Is it even visible?


1. Allen Taylor - June 7, 2008

Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Allen Taylor

2. everydayman - June 10, 2008

Thanks for the comment.

Well appreciated.

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