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Revenge of The Lakers !!!! June 6, 2008

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Kendra Wilkinson - Laker Fan

I’ve been a fan of the Lakers since I was addicted to NBA live, and though I hated the last few “trophy-less” years with Kobe, I felt like it was time once again to redeem what the team is made of. And these are chiampions.

After being down by one (just one) game in the finals by the green jerseyed Boston Celtics, I really hope the Celtics fans are not yet celebrating that much because all they did was place themselves in a war they can’t win. Coz now Kobe, the whole Lakers team, the fans, and even Kendra Wilkinson (above) is mad, and will only accept one outcome out of the next few games, and that is winning.

My team The Lakers got beaten by 10 points this morning, but we are a team that can come back stronger every game, and we are not saying this to threaten any Celtics Fans (but they should be), but to tell you, or better yet “ensure” you that we will be there to win the next game, and the game after that, and the game after every win.

But for now, we’ll just have to jump a lot of Aston Martins to release the pain.

The greatest games “Lakers vs. Celtics” is happening once again, and this time I am confident on who will win. And just for the record, I’m bias right now.

3 Critical:

  1. Four to One – this is not a prediction, it’s an outcome. (4-1) By the Lakers. Accept it greens.
  2. 3’s Better Hit – for Ray Allen and the rest, their 3’s better hit or it’s over before it ends.
  3. She’s Mad – I really hate loosing, but seeing Kendra react would be the better part of it. C’mon, maybe she’ll use the green jerseys next time.



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