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Into The Blue With Laura Vandervoort June 5, 2008

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Laura Vandervoort Bikini Day

The summer heat is almost over, but the beach will always be the beach. And what better view can we get than Laura Vandervoort in her “blue bikini” filming the sequel of Jessica Alba‘s beach-sexy movie Into The Blue last 2005. And yes you’ve guessed it right, the title of the film will be Into The Blue 2“.

Laura Vandervoort, as many of you knew her appeared in the movie “The Lookout“, and also played the role of Kara Zor-El, or Kara Kent (Clark’s cousin) in the hit TV series “Smallville”, where she was most labeled as the famous Supergirl.

Supergirl Laura Vandervoort

Now look at this photo and tell me if there’s a better word than “super” to describe her.

Don’t bother, there is none.

3 Critical:

  1. Justice!!! – no, I’m not talking about the Justice League here, but choosing Laura Vandervoort to precede Jessica Alba (and her bikini)…. is justice.
  2. The Sexy Name – I don’t know why, but every time I hear her name, I envision sexiness. Dont Ya’ ?
  3. BGB – Beach + Girls + Bikinis is superlicious to me…..


1. PolarKnight - December 20, 2008

She is the greatest girl in the world!!!

2. Pierre des JARDINS - January 18, 2009

Laura VANDERVOORT si beautifull from her toetips up to the point of her hairs. Just like Freda, the scandinavious godess.

3. maraphalla - January 22, 2009

Hi Laura Vandervoort,

how are you doing today? I want to beocme a superman just like you. I want to become a master just like john henry iron and I want to join JLA team.

Thank you


Maraphalla Chan

4. magarcia - March 20, 2009

quisiera conectarme con laura vandervoot

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