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One “bright” Idea…. May 25, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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CD Lamp - bright Idea

Now look closely at this lamp. As you can see, it’s a good looking one, and the color of the light is some kind of a blue ray. But that’s not what I want you to see. Look closer and think…. you might have an idea of what this brilliant thing is made of.

Let me give you a clue: It’s looks like a flat donut.

Got it?

If you’re thinking it’s made up of piled up CD’s, then you’re right. But I’ll also be interested in some other answers you have. you can just comment it here. But anyway, how brilliant is this idea? Instead of throwing those old CD’s that you failed to burn, or are intentionally damaged (I wonder why), why not turn it into something that can be useful and would come in handy with your PC. All you need is a lamp with a mini fluorescent light and a lot of CD’s, and it’s done. electricity of course. And if you have a bunch of knowledge about wirings, you can actually turn it into something USB powered so it will then be exclusively for your PC.

Now this is a “bright” idea.

3 Critical:

  1. Bright Lights – the blue light actually made it more cooler than your ordinary lamp.
  2. Who Invented This? – I can see a lot of claimers now. Haha.
  3. This Would Sell – this “bright” idea might actually sell. And it uses recycled things so it makes it environmental too. Right? Plus Plus Plus.



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