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Marriage Fitness – Every Broken Vow’s solution…. May 23, 2008

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Broken Marriage

“Till Death Do Us Part” rarely happens in today’s life. It’s one sad fact that we all have to face. And I’ve been surrounded by it lately. Friends, parents of friends, and even those whom you think won’t separate usually do. No one is exempted with this.

But what’s wrong with marriage?

Whenever a couple experiences problems, they either buy books like “How to Save Your Marriage”, or engage themselves in Marriage Family Counseling with the hope of aiding their relationship through communication. This, or just merely settling themselves living separate lives with their marriage intact. Now this is unhealthy right?

So what’s gonna be the next “healthy” approach towards fixing a relationship?

There’s something called Marriage Fitness. Something not every marriage counselor is acquainted with, and it just might be what couples need.

Marriage Fitness is the work of Mort Fertel, a saver of many marriages himself, and it focuses not on bringing back communication between couples (which is a common mistake), but instead it focuses on bringing the connection, the concern, the care, and more importantly the love back into your relationship. And here’s one more thing, it actually works with only one spouse doing it.

Hearing each other out is not enough, loving is.

3 Critical:

  1. Bringing Back Love – easier said than done. Good thing people like Mort Fertel are willing to help.
  2. The Love Too – our body is not the only one who needs fitness, our ability to love does too.
  3. Marriage Fitness – Healthy loving.


1. Melissa - May 23, 2008

I know what you mean I am fortunate to have someone who loves me and I love him. I knew this couple who had been married 34 years and seperated. It was really heart rendering because the wife just up and left one day with no note, nothing and that was the end of the marriage.

Marriage is something that needs work to make it work. You say “what’s gonna be the next “healthy” approach towards fixing a relationship?” maybe they will blame it on the food we eat and bring out a new diet. That is usually the answer that everyone gives.

I am very skeptical about this fitness programme it seems to be an easy way out. Talking works and as long as you keep communicating then the marriage will stay alight. Make an effort for each other and actually try to make an effort for the relationship to work.


2. everydayman - May 23, 2008

Thanks for your views. It’s really essential to keep an open mind when it comes to matters like these.

Anyway, I think fixing a relationship needs more than just communication. This may seem like an easy way out, but connecting broken pieces is never easy. I will agree on communication as a vital part of fixing marriage, but it has to be done with sincerity. Not against each other, but with one another.

3. jorgipogi - May 23, 2008

This sounds very interesting and a realistic point of view.

4. symbolicgodzilla - May 24, 2008

As part of a relationship that just recently entered therapy I can’t help but think that communication and understanding that we will learn will help us. That said, the idea of returning care and love to a relationship seems just as important.

5. everydayman - May 25, 2008

Well said.

I do believe in the power of communication as long as it happens in the proper manner… and that is when both parties intend to listen as much as they intend to talk.

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