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How to be a cover girl? Ask Ellen Adarna. May 23, 2008

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Ellen Adarna

The name is Ellen Adarna.

It may sound familiar for those who surf the net looking for pretty girls in social media sites (MySpace, Friendster, etc…), and mainly because her face and photos have been around the internet specially in MySpace, where some labeled her as its queen.

So what made her famous?

Sexy Ellen Adarna

First of all, she’s undoubtedly got the looks and the body, and the photos to show which she confidently uploaded in her accounts. But aside from that, she also opened accounts on social media sites and invited a lot of friends up to a point where friends shared her account with other friends and it didn’t take long until she was a face to be graced all around the internet. And, of course, with fame comes those posers who made fake accounts with her photos, (including her scandal photos) making her more famous.

Now she found herself having to cover in one of the countries prime sexy magazine UNO.

3 Critical:

  1. Fame Came – fame indeed will come, but it doesn’t go without efforts. Lots of them actually.
  2. What’s with the “Finger Bite” – is that her sole secret to fame? She sure looks sexy doing it though.
  3. The Name – like every famous products, a catchy name is also important. Ellen Adarna is one.


1. ronalyn cepeda - July 27, 2008

hi ellen you know your like a angel down from sky but thers a fakers i dont no ho is true sana ma face kita ng personal

2. steve - August 11, 2008

hi gurl! your so perfect.. your every man’s dream, pero hindi ako isa dun,hehe bakit? gwapo ako masyado para sayo,joke! anyway, im steve, 1 of your million fans.. kaibiganin mo naman ako oh.hehe kawawa noh? good luck gurl, and more power….

3. saBr!na - August 23, 2008

hi ellen???? cute mOh!!!! ang gnda2x mOh tlga sObra!! feru ang FANGET ng bCk grOund mOh smn!!!!! pra kang prosti!!! oOoOops sOrie!!1 anyway mOre blessings 2 cOme & plz wg kna mxadOng mgpa sexy kc nkakadiri tgnan!! wg mOng hyaang msira ang image moh kc syang mo pa nmn sObrnbg gnda moh!!! mg bgay kah ng respect mo sa sarili mOh gurl!!! ^_~ wiSh u all deh best!! mwuahhhhhh engat God bless us!!! +_+

4. mybroxzang - October 18, 2008

Ellenadarnafan.wordpress.com for the newest news of ellen adarna

5. mark june™ - November 25, 2008

stay safe and be your self alwayz….
your so cute and im one of the people
who had a crush on you,but im not
waiting for anything just to see fine
and happy it is already a pleasure
for me…(^^,)

6. mark june™ - November 25, 2008

you will alwayz be my crush (^^,)

7. goddess - January 29, 2009

punyet ka ang panget mo noh! ngmamaganda ka sinampal kita eh!

8. ARMAND - February 1, 2009


C0Y - February 1, 2009

hahhaa.. 🙂

9. erhic - February 12, 2009

sayang naman…..

10. bynxtdoor - March 30, 2009

hello miss ellen adarna! Ganda you tlga…Cruzh n crush kita since n nkita kita sa youtube…hope n paguwi ko dyan sa pinas makita kita at hahanapin kita…

11. shona - April 3, 2009

ellen is on moko now…i got a chance to chat with her there

12. shona - April 3, 2009

there’s a lot of fakes of her there too…she seemed so nice to talk with…englishsera nga lng kya ang mga guys nosebleed s kanya…nyahahaha! well s mga hndi pa alam ng moko search nyo n lng…her account is ellen_meriam

13. karlos - July 8, 2009

retokada! pro ayus lang yan as long as napapagaan ang loob niya

14. marikarl - July 24, 2009

hi ellen daming poser n msusungit at my poser n mbait mkipag usap sana mb8 ka

15. "L" - September 1, 2009

Remember me?
maybe u don’t remember me any more
but i will always remember u
cause you’r my first Love…

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