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Sexy Blue Mail Box May 22, 2008

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Sexy Blue Mail Box

A lot of people say that one of the most boring, but useful, things in life are Mailboxes. If you think of it, it actually makes sense… well until there were some companies that makes customized and creative ones. Basically like this one on the photo.

You see, mailboxes don’t really have to be boring, and sometimes you can actually use them for more reasons than just keeping your mails. If you’re an artist for example, you can showcase your talent by making your mail box a work of art. Or you can make it into something that will get attention (like the one above) to make sure the mailman never forgets to drop by with your mail.

Simple things can really be better if you add a little creativity to it. Thank God we have companies that bother to make commercial mailboxes to make the whole mail delivery and receiving thing a lot more exciting.

3 Critical:

  1. Creative – art doesn’t only come in canvass or paper. Now it comes with mailboxes too.
  2. Nice Idea – my hands are down to the one who thought of this design. Way cool.
  3. Commercial Mailboxes – really a thing to be thankful for.



1. Z'riz - May 22, 2008

interesting…. 🙂

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