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“I’m still heavyweight” – Mike Tyson May 22, 2008

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Still heavyweight

It seems like the former Heavyweight Champion of the world (and the most dangerous) boxer “Iron Mike Tyson” is not done with being heavyweight, or should I say “weighing heavy”, as he is spotted by the Razzi’s leaving a certain Chinese restaurant floppy as ever. And “heavy weight” indeed.

Iron Mike has always been known to be that deadly boxer with a deadly punch that could knock out even the best contenders in the first few round, if not the first, but since loosing to Evander Holyfield (and btiing his ear), and a couple of trips to prison, the once famed Mike Tyson never regain what he used to have.

This just goes to show how one great thing can loose his greatness with a couple of mistakes, and a bitten ear.

3 Critical:

  1. Ear Noodles? – now I’m not sure something like this exists, but there’s a big possibility that he ordered something like this.
  2. He’s Still Fit – I mean, his clothes now are very fit.
  3. Too Big – don’t you think he’s too big for someone whose in debt?


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