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Let There Be Light…. May 20, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Art & Literature, Technology.
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Room Lighting

I got a friend in Dubai and he was working in some printing software company who happens to be one of the biggest in the country, and he emailed me last week with the subject “.. then there was light”, so I was guessing it was another forwarded inspirational message so I didn’t bother watching until yesterday. When I opened the email, it actually has 2 photos of the ceiling light fixtures in the hotel where he had stayed, and we wanted me to see it knowing I would admire it’s whole artistic appearance. And he was not wrong. I mean take a look at this whole thing.

But that’s not all. Some rooms need less lights to make a good view and the next picture will pretty much described how creative light fixtures can add beauty to the whole room. And this goes even if it doesn’t really shed that much light. Something like:

branch light fixture

Now this is really creative right? So I asked my friend to buy me one of those for my room, or just get it from the hotel but that would be too late coz he’s not in there anymore. But anyway, I just wanted to share these photos to you because it gave me a whole new meaning to the word home lighting. Or hotel for this case.


  1. The Light – the beauty of every room will always depend on the light. And the lack of it.
  2. The Branch Idea – who wouldn’t admire this idea. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and you can hang more stuffs to it.
  3. Placement – The one on top, I guess it also serves as light for the plants, and not just for decoration. Pretty clever right?



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