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Will Turntables replace DJ’s? – NO May 18, 2008

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The New Turntable

Technology is slowly getting more advanced nowadays that they tend to replace other human activities. Some say it’s better, but some say it isn’t enough.

Take for instance this new Turntable. It’s highly advanced and can be used along with other media technologies (like iPOD). Now this “alone” could play mixed music well, add a little scratch to the vibe and basically almost everything a DJ does. But not everything.

You see, a DJ pretty much controls the the whole show. He knows his music and he knows when to bring it. He knows when to change, and he knows when to give some more depending on the crowds mood, and one thing he can do (that any technology can’t) is feel their rhythm.

These gadgets may almost be complete, but they need a DJ to bring the party, so if you have one, I suggest you hire a san diego disc jockey with it as well.

3 Critical:

  1. TurnTables – definition: Things that need DJ‘s.
  2. Time To drink – at least these things give DJ’s time to drink.
  3. What If’s – what if accidentally the song “bubbly” was on the iPOD. The gadget won’t notice right?


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