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What?… “Another” Punisher Movie? May 18, 2008

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The Punisher - War Zone

I’ve already seen two version of these movies. Both didn’t really satisfy my good-movie pleasures, and both of them didn’t really make it big. The first one came in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle/The Punisher. A lot of killings, a lot of blood, a lot of bullets but still not a good movie. Then in 2004, Thomas Jane played the part, better killings, better dialogues, but still not a good one.

Knowing the story of Frank Castle and with tag lines like: “This is not revenge. It’s Punishment” or “If society won’t punish the guilty. He will, this should have been a good movie. A bad-ass action packed movie even. But it never was, and I’m asking why.

Because it’s brutal? No, coz “Kill Bill” and it was a good movie. No super powers? NO, coz movies like “The Transporter” also made it good. So what is left to blame? The actors? Well maybe. But if you ask me, I’d say it was the lack of coolness of the character. Maybe if he was a a cool bad-ass person like Tony Starks is, drinking a lot and checking out the hot girls it would make it a good one.

Now it’s Ray Stevensons time to play Frank Castle in “The Punisher: War Zone” which will be in theatres this December.

Will it be better? We’ll see.

3 Critical:

  1. No Tagline – the previous movies had one, and it’s all what the movie is about . Now this new one got nothing in imdb, so I think it’s gonna be better. Nonsense but logical.
  2. Bad Actors – anonymous actors sometimes gives the movie a better view. But why do they get bad actors for this character? Sorry fans…. haha
  3. More Sexy Ones – maybe more hot girls would do the the trick for this upcoming movie.


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