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Ants and Construction May 18, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Animals.
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Ants In Construction

These are ants. One of the most disciplined species in the planet. Despite their size, they can build things (like shelter) together, they never let a construction end undone, and they always fall in line.

This is where the people and ants are different.

When people make something, they also help each other, maybe less disciplined though, but they still maintain a respectable attitude towards working, until several factors like “Politics” create flaws in this clean system. This is basically the main reason why contractors always secure a preliminary notice to make sure their efforts applied will be paid whether the construction holds or continues, because sometimes constructions just stop for political reasons. But the ants, they don’t need these. If they plan to build, they plan to finish regardless of how hard it is knowing that everyone will help.

If only we could be like ants.

3 Critical:

  1. Ants Are Good Examples – Hardwork + Discipline + Determination = ANTS.
  2. We could be Ants – not that they bite, but working together in discipline.
  3. Work of Ants – just look at how they build their nests. It’s a work of ant, I mean art.


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