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Raquel Gibson – Playboy Philippines 2nd Issue Cover Girl May 16, 2008

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Raquel Gibson

The first issue of Playboy Philippines had it’s way with a lot of critics, and mostly they were all partly (or fully) negative. Some said the photos were OK but the content seems like an unfinished product. Some shared their views about Priscilla Meirelles, and why she is the first cover girl of the first issue when she herself is not a Filipina, or even a half-blooded one. (but they all said she’s hot)

So what will be the future of the country’s version of the famous sexy magazine Playboy?

The probable answer is Raquel Gibson.

I’ve heard rumors that she was chosen to cover the second issue of the sexy magazine because she’s undeniably sexy, and she’s half Filipina.

Raquel is a Filipino-Italian Playboy Playmate (November 2005) who also happens to be in Manila for the launching of Playboy Philippines last April 2. The makers of Playboy Philippines invited her to the launch knowing that she’s half-Filipino, and I guess you wouldn’t have to be a genius to realize that she could be a potential cover. Atleast one of whom we could be proud of.

Well, if the rumours prove to be right, then I guess they didn’t let those negative feedbacks pass their ears unresolved. And as of now, we can only wait and hope for the second issue to be Playboy worthy.

3 Critical:

  1. Better Be Good – all the pressure would be in the second issue and they should see this as an opportunity to exceed expectations, and not as a threat. But it better be good.
  2. Raquel Would Do – I don’t know with you guys, but for me Raquel could be a good cover girl even though she’s just half-Filipino.
  3. Write Like A Writer – this goes for the writers of the mag. You may be good in some magazines, but you also have to do good in this coz it’s not just an album. People read you know.


1. everydayman - May 17, 2008

Just an update.. this is not a rumor anymore. It’s verified.

You can buy now!!!

2. model - May 31, 2008

how do I contact Playboy Philippines? what is their email addy in the magazine?

3. Matthew - June 29, 2008

I just read somewhere that Raquel is married to her filipino cousin to get him his green card…..anyone know if this is true? Seems unlikely since it is a federal offense and I am sure Hef wouldn’t approve.

4. everydayman - June 30, 2008

Now that’s some kind of news. I can’t confirm if it’s true yet, but I hope it’s not.

I’ll look in to it, and I don’t want our cover girl to have a case coz pretty much spoils another issue.

I guess Playboy Philippines isn’t having the best luck with their first few issues don’t you think?

5. joan - October 3, 2008

where did u read that kind of news that she marry his cousin

6. joan - October 3, 2008

msge to mathew

7. joan - October 3, 2008

im interested

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