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Rip Hamilton – Breaks The Record May 15, 2008

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Rip Hamilton holds Pistons All-time scoring record

Records are made and records are broken. And that was what happened last Tuesday night when the Pistons blew Orlando’s Magical chance to be in the eastern finals once again.

Entering the game, Rip Hamilton needed only 11 points to beat Isiah Thomas’ record and right in the first-half he broke it. Not by a jump-shot or one of his slashing lay-ups, but of two free throws with 3:56 remaining in the second period.

By beating the record, he became the All-time playoffs leading scorer in the Pistons history in only his 5th season in the league. And that’s something extraordinary. “Isiah Thomas is Detroit basketball, and to pass one of his records is crazy” says Rip, and it indeed is.

When talked about pressures in making the free throw that broke the record, he said his ability to stay calm in those situations goes back to his childhood, when Lionel Simmons came into a basketball camp and promised one camper a new pair of shoes if he could hit three free throws with everyone yelling and jumping around him, and he made it. “I tried to put myself in that zone as a kid,” Hamilton said.

And just so you’ll know, he didn’t get those sneakers.

3 Critical:

  1. R.I.P. Indeed – I guess it was the Magic that got the worst end of this. It means Resting In Playoffs coz basically that’s the only thing they can do now.
  2. 6th Straight – I never mentioned this in my post, but they actually broke another record, and that is going to the Eastern Conference finals for the 6th straight time. NBANothing But Amazing.
  3. The Mask – I see an increase in sales of the same mask that Rip wore, and maybe “The Mask” would be his moniker someday.



1. cockflavored - May 15, 2008

Actually not even close. Rip broke the All-Time PLAYOFF points record. To the best of my knowledge, Isaiah had 18,822 pts, while Rip only has 8,729 (give or take depending on when it was updated).

To this point, Isaiah still even edges out rip in PPG 19.01 to 18.91. Chauncy is about 900 back of Rip.

Bring on the Celts

2. fouledout - May 15, 2008

oh yeah.. the mask.. haha! great post man..

3. everydayman - May 15, 2008

Sry for the error.
I changed it already, now its right… hhaha

The celts won’t even make it to the finals man.. King James will reign again.

4. cockflavored - May 16, 2008

I’d rather play the Celts in an normal game, rather than see the refs calling fouls on bench players for even looking at LeBron in a wrong way.

I can’t stand to see another series like that again.

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