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Another (mini)One Bites The Dust May 15, 2008

Posted by C0Y in Technology.
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Mini Vacuum

Toonk Toonk Toonk…. another one bites the dust.

And yes indeed. What we have here is another innovative invention (by the Japanese probably), and this one is really useful specially for those of you who loves to bring all sorts of snacks in front of your computers like me. I mean, the whole watching your favorite tv series in your computer thing experience won’t be complete without those chips and drinks right? And they always leave all sorts of evidence. This actually poses a bigger problem when you don’t own the computer and it spreads everywhere, but with this mini USB powered “Mini Vacuum Cleaner”, everything will be as good a it is.

And just to make it better, it also comes with it’s fellow mini appliance “The Mini Fan” that may come in handy if you have a big brother who doesn’t want to share the air while he’s sleeping. And it looks a little something like this:

USB Mini Fan

I also saw a mini Refrigerator somewhere but I don’t think it comes with “mini” beers and pizza.

3 Critical:

  1. The USB world – nowadays, a lot of things have been powered by our computers USB. This makes it (USB) one of the most useful technological invention….. for me.
  2. What else isn’t? – this is the part where you can share your ideas about other things that could be powered by our computers’s USB. (I can see sex toys in your mind …. )
  3. The other USB – these things make me give another meaning of USB. Mine goes Usually Something Big, coz things that are usually big were made smaller because of it. (genius huh!)


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