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Incredible Hulk and Iron Man Scene “leaked” May 14, 2008

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Hulk and Iron Man Scene \

Look what I found. A Photo from a scene of the upcoming movie “The Incredible Hulk“.

Many of you may have expected it, or read it somewhere, but I just felt like sharing this photo to really have an Idea of what it would look like, and probable (short) conversations that they both had. We all know the Bulk, I mean, the Hulk doesn’t talk that much right?

Well anyway, for those who have no clue about this photo, the one on the right is normal-sized Tony Starks orIron Man(Robert Downey Jr.), and the big green thing on the left is not an over-sized leech but the “Incredible Hulk!!!!”(..must be shouted) played by none less than (Edward Norton) himself, and this photo happened somewhere along the movie. Might be another after the cast scenes.

But as for Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), I’m not sure if he’ll be appearing in this movie. If he is, it’ll be good, but if he doesn’t, then I guess he’s still with those snakes on the plane. I’ll look in to that.

3 Critical:

  1. This would be Cool – I mean this is cool, coz it’s gonna happen.
  2. The Shorts – I really wonder if those pair of torn shorts that the Hulk is wearing is also genetically mutated.
  3. One More Thing – I’m pretty sure there still one more familiar hero to appear in that movie. Why?, coz the first Hulk movie was that bad that they need this to be controversially good. Plus the success of Iron Man.


1. mclassen - May 14, 2008

Ok, first off, it’s Tony Stark, not Tony Sparks. Get your characters straight. Two, it would be nice if the pic was large enough to actually make something out.

2. everydayman - May 14, 2008

thanks.. I already changed it , thanks to you.

I’m seeing an iron man fan here… 🙂 Ill give you a bigger pic … just check back ..

3. Newbreed - May 14, 2008

Umm, If you look at the latest trailer, I think you’ll find that the image above is Tim Roth confronting the Hulk. Tim Roth later becomes The Abomination, the big bad guy from the movie.

I also believe that, whilst Robert Downey Jnr does appear as Tony Stark in the movie, part of the scene was shown at a recent Comic Convention in the USA.

It, apparently, featured Edward Norton in a bar and Robert Downey Jnr. coming up to him and saying something along the lines of ‘Having a bad day?’. This is supposed to be only a small part of the scene, though I hear the scene isn’t going to be that long anyway.

4. Newbreed - May 14, 2008

A little edit to my comment above, after a quick google searcjh. The scene in the bar is not Robert Downey Jnr and Edward Norton, it’s Robert Downey Jnr with William Hurt, who plays General Thunderbolt Ross in ‘The Incredible Hulk’…transcript of scene follows, taken from http://www.comicbookmovie.com

STARK: It smells like stale beer in here.

ROSS: You always have such nice suits.

STARK: I hear you have a little problem.

This also confirmed in an interview with Downey Jnr on http://www.mtv.com, as seen below….

MTV: We recently spoke with William Hurt, and he told us about the thrill of filming alongside you in “The Incredible Hulk,” in the scene where Tony Stark drops in for a cameo.

Downey: Yeah, what a good dude.

MTV: What was that day like?

Downey: We were just cross-pollinating our superheroes. It happens to be a scene where I basically approach [his character, General Ross], and we may be considering going into some sort of limited partnership together. The great thing is he — and I don’t want to give too much away — but he’s in disrepair at the time I find him. It was really fun seeing him play this really powerful character who’s half in the bag.

5. everydayman - May 14, 2008

Thanks for the link by the way.

I guess nobody can really be sure about this coz the movie isn’t showing yet.

Let’s just wait for surprises… you might be shocked..

Besides, some trailers don’t really contain scenes from the movie.

6. Ggerman - May 24, 2008

Thanks to the author for info! Quite interesting.

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