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NIKE on Elm Street – The Freddy Kreuger Shoes May 13, 2008

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Freddy Kreuger Nike Shoes

In the cold dark night on Elm Street lies a terror unlike any other. A threat no one can handle, and a face that haunts us to our dreams. His name is Frederick Charles Kreuger, but people call him “Freddy“. Burned face, fedora hat, clawed leather gloves, and his trademark red and green striped sweater.

And now he’s back…… with a pair of Nike Shoes.

No wonder why he always keeps up with his victims when they run for their lives.

These shoes are a part of the Nike Dunk SB “Horror Pack”, which was released in November of 2007. The shoes is made up of a sweater material colored and striped in classic Red/Green (like Freddy’s striped sweater), a Metallic Silver Swoosh to represent Freddy’s Metal Claws, a Brown leather blood stained trim like Freddy’s trademark hat, and the sole to represent his burned face.

Now if you ask me why he keeps killing people without any probable reason,…. I’d say somebody told him to “Just Do It“.

3 Critical:

  1. The Price – I haven’t seen anything about the price of these shoes, but I just have a feeling it’s gonna be terrifying too.
  2. How bout the NBA? – is anyone bothering to consider using these pair of shoes in the NBA? It will look cool, and different, and weird, but you’ll get a name out of it for sure.
  3. Freddy’s Got A Nikes!!! – he’s not even on the top 10 of the greatest villains in some magazines, but did anyone above him on the list have pairs of shoes after them??? NO!!! so you guys better change that list and put “Freddy K(sounds cool for a Nike endorser right?) on top until they have their shoes.


1. Diablo X - May 26, 2008

these shoes are beautiful, I think I’m in love…

2. everydayman - May 26, 2008

they say it’s scary… but I think I’m in love too….

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4. everydayman - June 5, 2008

Thanks for those infos man .. a lot will be served.

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