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Mozilla Knows Advertising May 13, 2008

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Adding Fire on Firefox

They’re not the first of web browsers, and their structure is even modelled from others, but they are nonetheless on top. A lot of competitors have been trying to get a share of their market, but instead they gave some to Mozilla.

So what makes Mozilla Firefox the best among web browsers?


And what is the best advertising campaign to promote products? Sexy shirts on Sexy Babes. (you can ask Hooters, or those Bikini Car washes about this).

If you look on the photo above, her shirt shows the Firefox logo obviously, but what makes it more noticeable and second look worthy is how it sexily wrapped around the body of this pretty girl, like the fox wrapped the globe of it’s logo. Now that is good advertising.

And one tip, make sure to type in the right url or you’ll get this notice.

The error you\'ll love

Hey, don’t do it on purpose…..

3 Critical:

  1. Good Advertising Indeed – the average stare duration of ads like this is 5.4 sec. For the female population that is.
  2. Where’s the Fox Looking At? – am I just that observant, or did you also wonder where that fox is looking at. Bad dog.
  3. Why Not – about the error message, why don’t they put pictures instead of those boring text’s that shows up when there’s an error?


1. Dickwell Thrust - May 15, 2008

God she is hot! I would buy 100 computers to download this chick! And upload something Fierce up in this broad!

2. everydayman - May 15, 2008

YEah she is….

And you can give me one computer if you don’t mind. heh

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