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Will Smith is “Hancock” May 12, 2008

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They say “with great powers comes great responsibilities”… and great things you can do that most people can’t like: drinking in the air while flying in your normal day clothes catching criminals, throwing that annoying kid thousand miles above the ground and catching him back just to teach him a lesson, and pretty much everything else that normal people do. Superheroes also needed to change a bit, and I suggest they start with the line: “with great powers comes great responsibilities” and add “…or irresponsibilities” to it.

Now this makes more sense.

This coming July 2008, the theatres will be seeing a different kind of Superhero from the long line of superhero movies this year. Unlike the others, this ones not from any comic book, he doesn’t have a familiar costume, and this hero is alcoholic. haha. This is “Hancock” baby, and it’s played by none other than the best man for the film Will Smith.

The movie is about Hancock (Will Smith), a very unlikely, conflicted, unpolite, sarcastic (in short misunderstood) superhero who still manages to save peoples lives, but never fails to leave damages every time. A matter of which the people of L.A. are mostly concerned with so they decided to imprison him thinking he would make less damages there. Things started to change for him in jail, and one day, the city called for his help and Hancock finally got the chance to prove himself that he is not a liability and responded as one true superhero (wearing a very odd costume though, but still something to be proud of).

But the sarcasm?… It’s still there.

3 Critical:

  1. Marketing a Superhero – since when do superheroes badly need a PR (public relations) to get a good image out of the people?
  2. Never call him a Jackass – wanna know why? Watch the trailer here, and you’ll know why.
  3. What Superheroes Should Be – if you ask me, I think superheroes should live it like Hancock. He still saves lives right? No masks, no caves, no kryptonites, no pretending.. Just saving.


1. mauthor - May 13, 2008

saw the trailer, looks pretty good although the title of the movie is kind of wierd, especially for a superhero.

2. everydayman - May 13, 2008

yeah I agree, but I guess it pretty much describes his personality.

Not the superhero type though.

3. aintgoingonnoplane - July 1, 2008

if he’s a lazy superhero, the movie should be called hand-on-cock

4. everydayman - July 1, 2008

Hahah .. nice one there man. But I guess with his powers he can do more than that.

5. patrick - July 3, 2008

Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze… if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny

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