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Gillian Anderson – Ma”X”im Files May 12, 2008

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gillian anderson

Back in 1998, the movie version of the award-winning TV-series “X-Files” hit the big screen with a lot of attention, and a couple million dollars (about $189 million give or take) which was expected anyway.

Now a sequel “X-Files: I Want To Believe“, will come out sometime this July. The movie is still in production, but I heard that it will be about an abduction of which case was closed years back, but evidences that would solve the mystery begins to show up which brings ex-agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dr. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) back to action.

But that’s not my story.

My story happened way before everything else was finalized in the sequel. It’s something “X“citing, “X“cillerating, and se”X“y that happened elsewhere. Somewhere around the sexy magazine MA”X”IM. And her name is Gillian Anderson. The same Gillian that played Dr. Dana on X-Files, and she’s not in any way hiding her “X” factors as she poses sexily with more of her “sexy back” (or side) shown. Now thats one head start for the movie.

No wonder the aliens keep coming back.

More Photos here.

3 Critical:

  1. The Trivia – tell me how many X‘s I used here and if you guessed it right, your blog will be on my blogroll. No joke.
  2. Is This Just Promotion? – entertainment has found many ways of marketing a movie way before it is shown, and it shows that it’s pretty effective, so my question would be. Is this just for promotions? I say it is, but in the other hand, she’s also hot.
  3. Less Skin For a Maxim Cover – is it just me, or are there less skin shown in her photos for a feature of a sexy magazine?

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