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Just like “The Ultimate Gift” May 11, 2008

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Ultimate gift

While I was watching the movie “The Ultimate Gift”, a good movie by the way, something else got my attention.

In the movie, Harold (main character) was informed about his dead grandfather’s inheritance to him through a video footage, but because it was unexpected he doesn’t really have a clue on what to do next. Now this situation alarmed me, cause I’m not really an expert on legalities like Harold, and if these things happen, I wouldn’t have a clue either.

So what do I do? Research. And I actually found companies that could help.

Like his grandfather did, I learned that we could actually hire the assistance of some alameda probate lawyer who unbelievably takes care of all the legal process regarding the deceased person’s property, resolving all matters about it’s claims and distribution. All you really need to do is sign and decide. (now that’s good service)

3 Critical:

  1. That’s a WOW – and it certainly is. I mean what is left to do with these kinds of services.
  2. Now I Understand – probate is actually a good word this time.
  3. What Can I Give? – when I’ll get old, I guess I only have this blog to give as inheritance.



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