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Emmanuelle Chriqui – Hidden Beauty May 6, 2008

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Emmanuelle Chriqui (pronounced as “Shreeky”) started to grace the screen with her beauty appearing in one of McDonald’s commercial at the age of 10. Since then, this pretty girl from Montreal, Quebec has appeared in numerous TV series such as “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “Forever Knight”, “Once a Thief”, and “Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal”.

Pretty as she is, she surprisingly stands only at the #90 spot of Stuff Magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women In The World”, which I strongly disagree with. But that’s just their opinion right? Coz when you look at the Famous FHM Magazine, she placed 8th, and that’s nearer to reality, don’t you agree?

Whatever they say, one thing still remains the same. She’s unbelievably pretty in every way everyday. I can say she’s like the Katherine Zeta Jones of today, but that won’t be fair, cause she doesn’t have to be compared to someone else to be that pretty. She is beauty herself. And the band “Hinder” had it right when they chose her to be the girl in the video of their hit “Lips of an Angel”. Coz angel, is by far the nearest thing to describe her looks.

She’ll be flashing that smile on the big screen for us again in her upcoming movie You Don’t Mess with the Zohan“, along with funny man himself, Adam Sandler.

3 Critical:

  1. Pretty Chriqui – it sounds good, she looks good, everything is good.
  2. A Man’s Name – for a girl with a man’s name, she is every bit of woman there is to be. And every bit of girl a man desires to be with.
  3. Time For A Big Role – after being pretty enough for TV series, I guess it’s time for this girl to play a big role (one with no boyband members), and she’s probably gonna make it big.


1. kane - August 2, 2008

“Coz angel, is by far the nearest thing to describe her looks.”

i totally agree with you man! 🙂

2. everydayman - August 3, 2008

Thanks for backing me up man. 🙂

3. Kaillou - August 28, 2008

“I can say she’s like the Katherine Zeta Jones of today” YEAH !! Well said ! I approve 100%

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