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Kobe Wins MVP !!!! May 4, 2008

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MVP Kobe

After learning how to play basketball as a team game, a change in jersey number, going from Adidas to Nike, leading the Lakers to a 57-25 win-loss record, averging 28.3 points 6.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists in the regular season, and bringing his team closer to the championship in the NBA, and not to mention 12 long years of proving his worth in the NBA, Kobe Bryant finally got what he’s been waiting for. The MVP.

Kobe has been the main man for his team, scoring all the needed points, and pretty much doing everything there is to do, but some say this makes him disregard his team mates potentials. But now it’s different. This 29 year old veteran did what an MVP should do, and that is bringing a team (the whole team) to a different level, closer to the NBA finals.

I can see those MVP giggles now.

giggles of the MVP

Some say he deserves it, some say someone else does, and some don’t want him to be. Now, Kobe brought the Lakers closer to the finals. But until then, I guess it won’t be easy for him to prove that he’s the worthy MVP until he brings them (the Lakers) back to the championship.

3 Critical:

  1. Changes – those changes (from the jersey number to everything else) is proving to be worth it for Kobe. Is this superstition? No, it’s NBA life.
  2. He Deserves It – C’mon, admit it. The only reason why people say he doesn’t is because he’s unstoppable… and they don’t want that (specially those aiming for other teams).
  3. Nike Plans – I bet the whole Nike marketing team is planning on it’s next promotional line, or motto, now that he’s MVP. Maybe something like a scene with Kobe’s moves, receiving the MVP trophy, then a modulated voice that says…. “We told him what we told you, Just Do It”… haha


1. fouledout - May 5, 2008

well, he deserves to win it.. though i’m rooting for cp3 to win, i think kobe is also deserving..

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