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Megan Fox – The Foxy “ONE” May 3, 2008

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Number 1 sexiest girl

Megan Fox is the sexiest woman according to the Annual Online poll, and I just can’t help but beg to disagree. Not because she’s not that hot for me, or because there are a whole lot of girls sexier than her, but it’s because…… Ok, I’m just screwing up with you. Of course she is.

The 21 year old Megan Fox starred in last years hit movie “Transformers”, and she pretty much transformed into one of the hottest “if not”,sexiest, and not to mention pretty, girl to have grabbed most of our internet time surfing. And the good thing is…. she’s still young. Which probably means were gonna still see a lot like those pop-the-hood the sexiest way possible pose.

Remember this?

The fox

Now this is why we should take Online polls seriously. They tell you the truth.


  1. How hot is she really? – let’s just say she tops the list of the hottest which places Jessica Alba on third, and Angelina Jolie at the 9th spot. Now ask me again.
  2. The Foxiest – just a tip to proclaimers: Don’t use the “hottest among the hottest” line like you used with Jessica Biel, and who ever is number one, anymore. Megan is the foxiest, and it’s hotter than hot.
  3. Just a thought – it’s about her latest movie “Transformers“. Didn’t Optimus Prime just meet FHM‘s Prime? (with wink in the eye)


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