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Lex & Lana Leaves Smallville May 2, 2008

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goodbye smallville for lex and lana

Rumors (with 83% proability) of Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang), Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luther), both main casts of the award winning TV Series adaptation of Superman’s life “Smallville“, leaving the show has been running all around the internet. And let me just say, they are all wrong.


Coz their not just rumors, but real news. (Haha, pretty clever huh?)

According to snoops from tvguide.com, both Kristin and Michael already gave notice to the show, and the network at large, of their intentions not to return as stars in the upcoming 8th season of the show, which would probably be it’s last season. For good reasons though, as both of them have learned a lot (and got a lot of fame) with the whole experience which started way back in 2001, and figured that it’s time to pursue a more wider career into stardom. Everything has to change after all, and this obviously is for the better (career-wise).

As to where they would go, and what projects are at hand? Nothing is surely verified yet, but rumors says Kristin Kreuk is suiting up for the role of famous video game character “Chun Li“, for the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. For michael however, no reports were said yet. But with his talent, and reputation, that won’t be a hard time.

Fans, don’t be sad yet. Because both Kristin and Michael have been open to probable guesting roles with Smallville for season 8.


  1. Smallville Gets Smaller – and unfortunately for Clark, there literally won’t be left for him to fight for. The show might just drop, coz we all know most fans stood still because of Lana, or of Lex, and not all on Clark and others.
  2. How bout Hitman? – if they’re really desperate to look for Lex’s replacement, I would suggest they take the guy from the movie Hitman. Just say he had an accident, and made a surgery or something.
  3. Heroes and Zeroes – those who really want to be a hero, think twice. Hereos don’t have holidays, and mostly, all the one’s they love (and hate) eventually goes away. Except for Bond…. James Bond.


1. tarii_sweet - September 27, 2008

i feel like crying so hard. man i really loved the both of them they rocked this show this show is nothing without lex and lana i am truely deeper saddened.

2. AlexAndrea - September 30, 2008

that really sucks they are the two that kept it interesting. Also they couldn’t just put new people in as them it would ruin the show they should just pay them more heheh

3. princess-lou - September 30, 2008

i dnt no y they wud carry on smallville if lex and larna leave because they are too big of characters and if they do leave the show becomes nothin with out lex theirs nuffin 4 clark to fight against. it will be sad if the programme lets them leave because there wud b no pint watchin it.

4. everydayman - October 1, 2008

I really agree with you on that one. I guess there’s just no more life with the show, and it’s like taking away the main purpose of the show.

The best thing for it is to end, and for those who are left (clark) maybe they’ll have better careers too.

5. Cory - October 22, 2008

well I loved them both but the reality of the mythology of superman, leads clark to lois. As for lex, it may not be the same man playing him, but the same goes for the movies. Remember that the show is everything superman, before he becomes superman. So when the show does finally end, I hope it leaves us up to the point where superman fans will know what’s to come. Because we already know the superman stories. After the show turns him to superman, there’s not so much they can do, because all the movies have done that for them. What made this show, was finding out what happens before the cape.

6. jared - December 27, 2008

Wow they are realy leaving. With out lex and lana i dont know if i can watch the show. Im very depressed that theu are leaving. Most or all of us wanted to see Lana and Clark togther. Its really sad i wish that they both could stick around for one more season. That way Clark and Lana could be togther like i always wanted. Well i know the fanbase has took a hit from this. Well im going back to watching the 2nd season over and over and over again.

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