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Chris Paul is all set for the 2nd Round – NBA Playoffs April 30, 2008

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Chris Paul says OK

So what can a 6’0″, 175 lbs. , fourth over-all draft picked point guard who has“almost” triple double averages per game do to your more-loss-than-win NBA team? We’ll see.

They say Chris Paul is Basketball”, and this goes because when he plays, he scores, he plays defense, he passes, he makes plays, he rebounds, and he brings leadership in every game. They usually call him CP3, but the fans and to his teammates in New Orleans call him MVP.

Here is why.

Eversince CP3 was drafted by the Hornets in 2005, his game has imrpoved, and he brought the team with it. From his Rookie Of The Year Honors, to Becoming an All-star, Chris never stopped getting better, and he’s trying to be better in all aspects of his game. And I’m talking about him averaging 21 points, 11 assists, 4 rebounds, bringing the hornets a 56-26 record (best record in teams history), finished #2 overall in the NBA Western Conference standings, and bringing the Hornets back to the play-offs faced with non other than the offense driven Dallas Mavericks. A team more experienced, and more likely to win.

But after finishing the series 4-1 with a triple-double last Tuesday night (24 points, 15 assists, 11 rebounds and NO TURNOVERS), CP3 tells the world that he’s all set for the second round of the playoffs.

So what can a 6’0″, 175 lbs. , fourth over-all draft picked point guard who has“almost” triple double averages per game do to your more-loss-than-win NBA team?

Win! Win! Win!

3 Critical:

  1. No Turnovers? – this was the closest thing to perfection. The last player I saw without a single turnover in a game was Shaq, and that’s because he sat the whole time in the bench. But this??? What a Wow!!!
  2. MVP – for a guy who could do what he did at a height considered as a small one in the league, he definitely defines what an MVP is.
  3. Triple Double Trouble – with his superb overall performance, (1)he brought his team to where (others think) they don’t belong to, (2) brought those who didn’t know the Hornets was now a New Orleans team along with them and made them fans, and (3) Played like he’s always been there before. These three things are double trouble for the rest of the Western Conference teams.


1. fouledout - May 1, 2008

can you imagine cp3 racking up 60 assists in 5 games against the mavs? and i think only 6 turnovers.. how crazy is that?

2. everydayman - May 1, 2008

It’s MVP Crazy … haha

Is there such a thing?

3. Read to Achieve: « FOULEDOUT! - May 1, 2008

[…] 3 Critical: The critical aspects of Chris Paul’s recent playoff success. […]

4. Bunc23 - November 25, 2008

i personally think that chris paul should and should have won the mvp. this is why..mvp stands for Most Valuable Player right? kobe is a great player and without a doubt in the top 3 of best players today and maybe in NBA history but if you were to take kobe away from the lakers they would still win games. if u were to take chris paul away from the hornets they would have trouble beating the thunder and the wizards, which are the 2 worst teams in the league right now. so my vote for mvp was and is def chris paul.

5. everydayman - November 25, 2008

And one more thing, Chris Paul did bring the hornets to the playoffs even if he didn’t have a team as strong as the Lakers (without Kobe). I think they both deserved to be MVP’s, but the load is definitely heavier for Chris making him more deserving I guess.

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