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Dark Knight – New Poster “Leaked” April 29, 2008

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Movie Poster

“Welcome to the world without rules”. How cool is this?

The movie is not out yet… well not until July this year, but everyone’s really excited about this prequel (or a “remake” can be considered) of probably the best series of Batman movies with Christian Bale as the vigilant Mr. Bruce Wayne in this much awaited movie “The Dark Knight”.

This Bad Ass new poster is said to have been part of an on-going marketing drive by the promoters who said that this won’t be the last the last poster we’ll see, but the first with Batman himself in the poster.

No this one surely rocks.

I guess they’ve had enough of those light beaming Batman sign thing they always use in Batman movies that they changed it with something better, something that flares, something that kicks major ass, and something that burns a you can see the sign Inflamed in the building.

But how this news about the poster was delivered, is something better. Something “the Joker” himself would do.

Rumors says that the poster was discovered when the Joker sent text messages to all cell phone holders that said “Guys, I wouldn’t worry about Gordon. IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN” which then gave this address pointed to a new site located here: whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan/, a site that has paintings of unknown guys masked like “The Joker” himself, and there is a certain lever that once clicked, would lead you to this poster. The new website also has a tag that says “Four days.” Everyone is guessing that this means we’ll see the new trailer in four days on that website. So Cool…..

3 Critical:

  1. The Burn – I know The Joker has something to do with this burn coz I pretty much know his style. Why? Coz he’s my favourite villain of all.
  2. The Idea – you’ve got to love how the people behind this marketing thing thought of this idea. It’s not only appealing, creative, or intriguing, but it’s also effective in getting the peoples attention. And this, will easily bring millions into their sales.
  3. The Joker – here’s one thing I observed and wanted to share to all of you guys. If you look closely, you’ll see how they promote the works of The Joker, even before the movie starts. This deserves an award if a pre-movie marketing award exists.


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