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Hilary Duff – Then and Now April 27, 2008

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Back then

As the size of technological gadgets begin to grow smaller, other things seems to grow bigger, and others things goes humongous large. But nothing goes without attention for sure.

I’m gonna show you 2 sets of photos, both of which are of Hilary Duff. The one you see above is a set of pictures that she had back then. The simple girl with a cute smile, pretty eyes, and a decent body that she carried on Her Lizzy Mcguire days. Not that much of a stunner except for that looks maybe. But after several years, as things have changed, perhaps she figured out that some things also needed to change…. a big change.

Now we move on to the second set of photos.

Warning: The following photos may not be suitable for young audiences. “Male” parental guidance is advised.

Next Step

I guess it’s all pretty obvious now. It’s not really a big deal cause they’re all celebri(tit)ies, and they have every right to look better, but hey isn’t it like Americas politics? I mean, come to think of it, I guess we can see the clear reality that Clinton ain’t he only Hilary who wants a big change.

And yes, it looks good too.

3 Critical:

  1. That Big – who decides which size to choose anyway?
  2. Am… Titty Mcguire? – I’m sure some stand-up comedian is gonna think about using this in their material, or maybe even a movie.
  3. In The Eyes – just a pointer to those who are planning to approach her in public: Look straight into her eyes. I know it’s harder than you think, but just do. And not 15 degrees lower.

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