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Tom, Katie, and …. Nicole??? (Third Party Theory) April 23, 2008

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Tom, Katie, and Nicole???

Now here’s one interesting pic I got somewhere else in the internet. Aside from the highlighted color , the arrow, and the word “Nicole”, everything else is legit.

This was supposed to be just a normal photo of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Baby Suri (covered by Tom), in one of their family bondings in some beach, with a port-like bridge were they could watch the waves and feel the fresh that the beach offers, but, if you look closely in the lower right part of the photo, you’ll see a part of somebody’s hand (left).

Now whose hand is it?

It sure ain’t Tom’s, it sure ain’t Katie’s, and pretty sure ain’t Suri’s…. so whose the next name you would probably think about after all these names?….. Nicole Kidman.

Is that you Nicole???  Are we seeing a third party???

You’ll be the judge.

3 Critical:

  1. Male Left Hand – ok, so it may seem like a male’s left hand, but there’s a possibility of Nicole having to go to the gym al along right?
  2. Hiding??? – now here’s another big question. Does that mean someone’s hiding, or is planning to grab someone?
  3. Third Party – I’m not just being a critic here, but whomever that hand belongs to, is someone familiar…. But I’m sure it ain’t Stalone’s.


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