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Elizabeth Hurley – Sexy At 40’s April 22, 2008

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Elizabeth Hurley

What you see in your screens right now is without a doubt, “One Liz you can’t afford to miss. And this Liz goes by the name Elizabeth Hurley.

Hot & Sexy Elizabeth made her waves in the big screen showcasing most of her sexily-defined body in movies such as: “Passenger 57”, “Austin Powers” (both), “Bedazzled”, and a couple other movies most remembered by her appearances. But since her last movie way back in 2004, he decided to say goodbye to the sexy clothes, and jaw dropping bikini moments that she shared.

But, unpredictable as the world always is…… she’s back, and more importantly, We’ll see her in her bikini’s, but as she says it, it only went through under certain conditions.

First, it must be in her best business interests, such as helping to launch a series of her own swimwear designs, and second, there must (MUST) be an airbrush involved. Which basically means we have to credit such views to good photography and photoshop given possibilities.

But come to think of it, she is 42 years old. That sexy at 42.

I bet she, with the help of every bit of fantasy that she left in our minds, deserves to wear those kini’s and he deserves to see what “Sexy at 40” really means.

3 Critical:

  1. 40 & Sexy – ok. So this didn’t go without diet, but not everyone in their forties were gifted with such physique…. but obviously, some are.
  2. Another Movie? – me and a lot of people (I’m sure) will probably ask this question with hopes of an answer soon…. Will she be in another movie? .. please please say yes.
  3. Their Turn – I’m a critic, but I’ll give this part to others, and here are what they said: “… those photos are so obviously airbrushed it is insulting!”, “…. I am sure that her skin doesn’t glisten like this in reality”. What can you say?


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