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Incredible Hulk Poster – Released!!! April 16, 2008

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Firs Hulk Poster

Have a first look at this (recently released) poster for the movie “Hulk”, which happens to be the fastest remake of a comic-turned-movie ever. It’s actually like having two Hulk movies in one year.

Now this one got the better of the two i guess, and the thing is, we all know it should. After failing to impress the people the first time around, this mean green machine is nothing like incredible, but just as everyone deserves a second chance… even the heroes… he’s now back, but this time everything would be in extremes. Meaning: If it turns out good, it’s gonna be the best comeback, but if it fails, then it’s really really gonna suck and would definitely bring this hero to his grave for good. (Like the blind one wearing red. )

Efforts have been made to create this movie better than the first. For one, instead of Eric Bana (Former Hulk) playing the role of Bruce Banner, they placed in probably a more convincing multi awarded actor Edward Norton (American History X), along with Liv Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler), Tim Roth (Pulp Ficton), and William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman).

Now this is interesting.

And just to be different this time, I’ll be giving a bit of rumors to spoil you guys…. here it is:  it is said that Marvel is planning a 25-minute fight outside The Apollo against whoever is crazy enough. And we’ll probably see the famous Tony Spark a.k.a. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) a bit. Now isn’t that gonna make it good enough?

3 Critical:

  1. Tanks Or Hulk? – if you look closely at the poster, you’ll see two tanks near his knuckles… now my question is… are the tanks getting smaller in this movie, or is it Hulk having to gain some weight (in terms of muscles)?
  2. The Shorts Please – out of all the super heroes, this one has the more illogical costume characteristics. Where in the word did you see jeans that never actually break if worn by somebody 10 times or more bigger that what it should fit.? And it shrinks to the original size too. Explain please.
  3. The Ed Effect – most of us have seen a lot of Edward Norton movies, and almost every time, he plays this semi-deranged or perhaps having a weird personality type of guy. Now will this also be the case when he plays the Hulk? … By the way, the “Ed Effect” is original.. my own invention. 🙂


1. avyaya - April 16, 2008

Nice one there man.

Waiting to watch this movie and Wanted as well. Hope these two do not disappoint the die hard fans.

Hey, Anurag’s blog is down. Check it out in ur Blogroll.

2. gem - April 19, 2008

Read elsewhere that this poster is a copy of an oldie Spiderman comic cover…nevertheless it looks good. I never watched the first Hulk what with all the poor reviews and general disgust! but I’ll def pop along to see this.

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