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PS3 Laptop – Why we stay at home… April 15, 2008

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PS3 Laptop

For some parents, buying a Playstation for the kids is  almost the worst investment  they would ever have. It takes most of their kids time, it jeopardizes their health because they tend to play nonstop and disregarding hunger or meal time, and it obviously disrupts their studies. In short, it makes their kids potential 40 year old virgins. And for the big guys/girls, There is the laptop. More useful though, can be more productive, but at times, it can also give just about the same effect with what he Playstation can do to kids.

And then there was both.

Now who do you think is staying at home when you have a laptop and a Playstation made as one. It’s classy, it’s cool, it’s definitely fun, and it’s guaranteed to make your social life (or going out) move a bit lower on the scale of how you spend your everyday life. And guess what? it’s not in any way a threat to global warming.

The only problem I really see with this “Dream Machine” is it’s size. It’s actually very thick for a laptop, and it’s also more delicate than the normal PS.

But, who cares?  I don’t.

3 Critical:

  1. Diamond and Pearls – now guys, take note of this… girls like diamond or pearls (or jewelry in short), so if given the chance give one…. then ask for this total Package. Hahaha
  2. Girls Or This? – I have to ask the girls this question… who would you rather have taking your man’s attention? … Other  girls or this sexy, hot, never complaining thing?…
  3. Play Work Play – three important things in a man’s life,… and you can do it all with this thing.


1. mato - July 31, 2008

is that real

2. everydayman - August 1, 2008

Yes probably, but I don’t think it’s sold anywhere… customized is the word to call it I guess.

3. rodney gordon - December 7, 2008

Best invention since the ps3

4. korrey - January 25, 2009

I need to buy one of those

5. your motherfuchet - September 28, 2009

asholes i fucked your mothers bitcheases

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