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The Art of Dragan April 14, 2008

Posted by C0Y in People, Weird & Unexplained.
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One friend recommended me with this site because she knew I’d like weird things and art, and  this site might just be one of those sites I want to be on my bookmarks. And it indeed got my attention for one whole afternoon. And it indeed was both weird and artistic. Very Artistic.

The site I’m talking about is www.andrzejdragan.com. But, just to spoil your wonders of the site, I’m gonna tell you that the man you see in the homepage is not Dragan himself. He actually looks formal, and doesn’t really reflect the kind of art he makes. (see google images for reference).

Aside from being an artist, Andrzej is also a name in the field of science and physics. He was a cum laude graduate with a PhD in Quantum Physics, has won numerous awards and scholarships in the same field , and has been a contributor to the whole physics community. Before actually being known as a digital artist, he also was involved with music and photography. A winner of many national and international music composition awards, and a known photographer with numbers of magazine and book publications and numerous awards, the name Andrzej Dragan was definitely a one of the the few men worth remembering.

And then there was his art.

Which is not gothic, but weird, and truly a work of art, but a different kind of art actually. To help you understand, here are his words.

“Some people claim that a good portrait will reveals something good about the model. I’m undoubtedly sad to state that these people will not find anything interesting in my photography which has no purpose.”

Now if you don’t understand his kind of art…. it makes us two… or three (including him).

3 Critical:

  1. The Name – this is the other part where I find difficulty with. Does anyone know him personally?.. coz I’d really love to know how his name is pronounced.
  2. Mr. Shoe Man – did you see his work? The one where one bald guy is a converse shoe. That was cool.
  3. The Guy – see the guy behind the works here, and tell me if he looks like that you expected. I’m guessing not.


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