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Youtube Secrets – “Leaked” April 12, 2008

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Now, in the fast growing world of the internet, a lot of useful websites are slowly emerging. From social media sites, to free sms sending, online shopping, download sites, and video sharing sites. These sites are now essential towards making things happen in just about every aspect of our lives.

One of the most used tools to develop fame, and a lot of visibility in the net is using video sharing sites like youtube.com. A lot of people have been discovered from youtube, and now it even is used as a tool for people looking for talent or whatever it is they are looking for (singers, musicians, comedians, stunt man, funny videos, creative videos, models, etc… ). Just take as an example, the case of Arnel Pineda being discovered by the band “The Journey” which started out uploading videos of himself singing in youtube, until one of the members of the band happened to be a part of his viewers… and was impressed. And now he sings for one of the best bands to have hit the musics scene.

And guess what? Even movies use such sites to promote the upcomings by uploading trailers.

But how do we make it happen?

How do we attract a lot of viewers attention?

What’s the secret?

This video reveals the answers.

3 Critical:

  1. Finally – i guess a lot of people have been waiting for these informations. Now I’m fgonna expect a lot of videos with the words “Leaked” or “Exclusive” in their title.
  2. Cheapest Way to Success – with all the things you can achieve using video sharing sites like youtube nowadays, there’s no doubt that this is the cheapest way to success. All you need is an internet connection, a pretty thick face, and a lot of creativity.
  3. Two Words – want to be famous? YouTube. Want to impress people? YouTube. Want to make people laugh? YouTube. Want to share someone else’s embarrassing moments? YouTube. And the list goes on…. and on… and on….



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