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Allison Stokke – Sexiest Female Athlete April 11, 2008

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Alison Stokke

When everyone’s looking at Anna Kournikova, I wasn’t. Not because she wasn’t pretty, or sexy, or just as good an athlete as she is with her looks, but because I just thought she was overrated. And being the critical person that I was, I knew there was somebody else.

Then google led me to Allison Stokke.

Unlike other female athletes, she wasn’t by any means overrated. Most people don’t even know her, and credit that to her sport of choice. When everybody’s watching basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, or any other famous sport out there, no one bothers to watch pole vaulting. But after this, who knows?

Since her days of being an athlete, Allison has been both a winner, and a fighter. Or let me just say it this way, she has broken a lot of things which includes her right leg, and a whole lot of records in her field of sport, but it never made her dream for more. She became a 3 time Seaview champion. In sophomore, she broke the countries record with her 13-4 jump, and just days after that, she broke all three records with a 13-5.75. Made it to the “All-Country Team”, selected to USA Today’s “All-USA Track Team, and named Los Angeles times’ “Top Performers”.

Now this itself tells a lot about what this pretty girl could do, but actually there’s more. Aside from being one of the best athletes in her place, she was also a Newport Harbor High School Academic Excellence Awardee, made the national honor society and the California Scholarship Federation.

Now this is not just physically, but also impressively sexy to me.

From the body to the looks…. from the broken leg to broken records…. from being an athlete, a good student, and a good example, she is every bit of the words Sexy, Female, and Athlete.

3 Critical:

  1. Is Life Unfair? – I bet some girl (or even boy) out there is asking this question. I mean look at her, she may be the closest thing to perfection there is.
  2. Crazy Sexy Cool – no, not the song. I’m just saying I’m Crazy, she’s Sexy, and everything else is pretty much Cool to me.
  3. She Wears – I don’t know if it’s just me, but doesn’t she look perfect on those tights? Now I know life’s unfair.



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