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Toshiba ApriPoko – Just Another (usefull) Robot April 9, 2008

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Whenever there’s something new in the technological side of the world, we can always assume that it’s from Japan. They have been famous for a lot of things which includes, television, samurai, sushi, cellphones, anime, video games, and actually a whole lot more. But what they are really known for, are making Robots.

Meet the new ApriPoko Robot by Toshiba.

No, it’s not just another cute happy-feet-looking robot that only does one thing, like make the kids (and thinking like kids) happy by singing jingles, by dancing robot-like steps, or maybe playing as a plain simple pet. It’s actually more useful than some other technologies out there.

So what can it do?

ApriPoko is actually a voice-activated remote control that incorporates artificial intelligence. If that sounds a bit scientific to you, then I’ll explain it in simple terms. If you pick up your beloved remote control and start pressing buttons, ApriPoko will ask (not in an annoying voice) what you’re doing and then memorize the IR codes associated with such actions. So the next time around, you can just say “turn on the TV” and ApriPoko will do the thing. Well, that’s the theory, anyway.

The only thing you’ll really have to worry about are popcorn’s and soda’s.

3 Critical:

  1. Life’s Easier – with robots like ApriPoko, the whole television experience would really be appreciated. Now you don’t have to reach that remote when you’re already in your favorite slumber position in the couch.
  2. Blame Poko – the lazy bums are gonna love this one. Whenever you’re reprimanded for falling asleep while keeping the TV on, you can blame Poko. Now life’s really better.
  3. What You Lookin’ At? – I know this robot looks cute, but everytime I look at it, I got a feeling that he’s saying “What You Lookin At?”… Don’t You?



1. travelnooks - April 16, 2008

Sounds like a useful little robot. It’s most likely expensive though.

2. isabel - April 17, 2008

how much is it?

3. Felipao - April 24, 2008

ele deve ser um robo otimo

4. joao victor q pereira - April 24, 2008

eu ja vi o april poko toshiba

5. fdfgffffe - April 24, 2008


6. patricia - April 24, 2008

que fofo esse robozinho eu quero um de presente o aprli poko é muito lindo , fofo ,engrasadinho e lindo eu adorei ele como vcs fizeram uma coisa tao linda?

7. abigail - April 24, 2008

OoOoO Eu gostei mto desse robozinho ele é fofo…..lindo…..sexi..maravilhoso e mto gostosão…….

8. april poko toshiba - April 24, 2008

eu adorei esse robo ele e muito lindo tesao lindo e gostosao

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