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Wanted (2008) – Trailer April 7, 2008

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Just when I taught I’ve seen all the impossibilities become a possibility in the movie screen, this new upcoming movie “Wanted” comes along. And trust me, it definitely is a kick as movie. And now I’m freeing all my space for a lot of good movies to download.

The movie tells the tale of one apathetic nobody’s transformation into an unparalleled enforcer of justice. It starts with Wesley Gibson (James Mcavoy), a 25 year old nobody who gets ignored by his own girlfriend, picked on by his boss, and basically has everything seem like a bad luck until he met Fox (Angelina Jolie), in not the best way possible, who recruited him in some a secret society of assassins where his (recently murdered) father was a member of, to somehow help them avenge his fathers death. While he prepares for revenge, a wise man in the name of Sloan (Morgan Freeman) teaches him what he never thought anyone (most specially himself) could do, as he slowly discovers the unbreakable code for which his father lived up until his death: to carry out the death orders given by fate itself.

As Wes slowly walks his father’s footsteps, he began to realize danger of the whole thing, but despite it all, he learned one important thing. He alone controls his destiny.

But I tell this, you better watch this video to really understand why (maybe) Angelina Jolie is not the hottest thing in this movie. Trust me, it’s worth watching.

3 Critical:
  1. HOT HOT HOT – bullet bending? HOT. Angelina Jolie? HOT. Bullet bending Angelina Jolie? HOT HOT HOT.
  2. Is This Possible? – basically we can do it in soccer, we can do it in baseball, we can do it in football, but can we really bend the direction of the bullet?
  3. Kick Ass Old Man!!! – now who ever said Morgan Freeman was a slow man? Bending bullets may be a part of his bucket list. Now you tell me who’s old.


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