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The New Chikka 2.0 – Better Than Ever April 7, 2008

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Chikka 2.0

Ever since Chikka came to the limelight of the internet, SMS sending (from pc to mobile) has never been the same. Sure there are a lot of site that has basically the same features and capability that Chikka.com has, but none of them is as efficient and effective (with sending messages) as Chikka.com. No wonder almost everyone knows more about Chikka, and less about everything else.

It might be safe to say that they are the best, but even so, it was never in their plans to settle for number one. Now the new Chikka 2.0 is now back is even better than it used to be. The interface, the connectivity, the simpleness of it’s sites navigation and some other features that would make our lives better.

The new Chikka 2.0 offers more than just SMS sending. Now you can log in to all the popular instant messengers (Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, and ICQ), and guess what? Even if you’ve logout already, you can still chat with your friends as if it was never logged off. Talking bout completeness right?

Another thing about this, which they tried with the old version, was having to use it without a need of downloading it to your computer. As long as you can be online, you can use Chikka. Now that’s what we call convenience.

So why settle for other SMS on-line services that delays all your messages and limits your use for other things you do, when all you have to do is visit Chikka.com?

You tell me.

3 Critical:
  1. Now That’s Service – talking bout making life really easy for internet users and optimising what they can do to help us with our need. Now this, this is service at it’s best.
  2. Number One – it may not be the firs of it’s kind, but it surely would be the first on the line of free SMS servicing online, and maybe, just maybe… it’s now becoming their barometer.
  3. Mobile Phone Threat? – maybe not now, maybe not in this generation… but if somehow they get better all the time, then maybe there won’t be a need for mobile phones any more. Anything is possible.


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